Are you managing risk with your talent?

It's time to tap into information that is available about prospective employees before you hire that will allow for a more informed recruiting decision. With a speedy turnaround time on results, you won’t lose applicants due to a lengthy hiring process.

Let's talk through your needs and figure out if it's the right next step for your company. 

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What do you know about Pay-as-you-go Workers Comp?

Introducing a convenient method that removes premium deposits, reduces audit exposure, and improves your business’s cash flow.

Our Pay-as-you-go workers' comp is designed to accommodate small businesses - there is no down payment or deposit required to establish your workers’ compensation coverage. Start a conversation with us today!

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Are you running a tight ship?

If payroll isn't your thing, let it be ours. We are national leaders in workforce management efficiency and payroll knowledge, and we are here to help you run as efficiently as possible.

Let our team of experts help guide you with best practices and industry updates. Contact us today to start a conversation!

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Are you a tax professional or CPA?

Have you asked yourself, "Maybe it's time to find a new strategy for my payroll processing?" Many CPAs and Accounting Professionals recently have had it with payroll processing and wanting to turn their time into productivity. 

Contact Payroll Vault today to see what alternatives we have just for you.

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Do you know...

Schedule your payroll checkup with us today so we can ensure that you are taking advantage of the different recovery programs that are available to businesses impacted by COVID.

We are experiencing an unprecedented event in history and during this time communication is paramount.

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Why Choose Us?

Payroll Vault Moorestown is a boutique-style payroll service provider, providing efficient and cost effective payroll solutions for businesses throughout Southern New Jersey. Owned and operated by Frank LaRosa, a local Moorestown resident and small business owner, Payroll Vault Moorestown's team of professionals understands the challenges business owners face when working with payroll and workforce management issues.  Each Payroll Vault Moorestown client is assigned a  dedicated specialist that will understand your business thoroughly and continue to support you in identifying improvements in workforce and time management. By fully handling compliance-driven payroll tasks, the Payroll Vault Moorestown team frees up each of our client's time - enabling them to better focus on handling key business tasks such as managing workforce, inventory, and strengthening key community relationships.
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